Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Observation + eliciting the idea = conclusion

huargggggg waa today is already thursday
means two more days left
seriously many things playing
around in my head....

seems like didn't prepared much
what to do??
huh many tips has given by most
of our lecturers
hope can do it best

Last few days got time to
just visit and observed the school
not bad,what a big school act
have two session class
from what that I've heard
its kinda good school too,
so I'm worried to the max huarggghhh
feel don't wanna go there,hehehe...

So,after the visiting
I starts to think about it everyday
haihh it will b fine right??
need to gather ideas and strategies nih
before jump to the good conclusion..

Dear god,please help me to go through
all ur challenges in these 12 weeks ahead

p/s: mahu cepat2 habiskan,chaiyok2! =)

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