Tuesday, May 15, 2012


just a short note I guess
and i just smile while writing this
why she have to do that

since the first day of this year
there was, and still a 
milk program for the children
and of course la at my school
somehow teachers also got the milk too
sometimes laa...
but then when the teachers got that
they keep it in the fridge
but suddenly,it ALWAYS missing

but today,someone has took the action
by putting up a notice at the fridge
said that
" please take yours only "
hahah here is the interesting part
after the recess
there were few milk back in the fridge
maybe the one who has been took the milk all this while
notice the words and put it back
and everyone now know 
and i just smile...

after that,they are all (the teachers) said
"that is a history of SJKC Mengkarak
because it happened a day before the teachers day,lets just keep it"

p/s: kenaka-anakan bukan?

3 orang bagi komen beliau:

Mr.P said...

hoih...cilok susu sekolah eh?sama la kitaaaaa!!

oshinz said...

hehehehe... selamat hari guru laling!!

Cik Yanie (",) said...

MR.P : yup2,malangnya dia adalah cikgu jugepun...haihh...

oshinz: tq laling,muah2!