Wednesday, March 10, 2010

malas mau beri tajuk....

"bila cinta tak lagi untukku
bila hati tak lagi padaku
aku kan pergi meski hati tak rela....."

everyday we will quarrel,
sumtimes on d smallest issue
bleh tension camni
when wanna go out
the mood will b happy...
then when get back
everything is juz like tsunami...

i face it everyday right now
a situation that make me miserable
everything doesn't seem right
am i wrong when i choose him before?
am i not gud enough for him?

Sumtimes when there are so many
things that coincidentally happened in life,
and everytime it cames without permits
which finally leads to the conflicts and hurts...
then something should be made
a decision should be made
but dunno how,dunno why..
i am not strong enough to do that...
Dear God,please please please....
make me strong and brave enough to face all
Your challenges......

p/s: tiada pS utk kali ini...

3 orang bagi komen beliau:

syafawani said...

-be STRONG my dear!
-dun u ever let urself being hurt ya..
-definitely..i think a wise decision should be made here..(just my opinion)
-i will always support u s long s the decision that u goinna make will totally contribute to ur happiness..
-sometimes we have to face some sort of sadness before we could gain happiness..ok..
-everyone is facing diff2 challenges in life..not just u..(it goes to me as well)
-sama2 face it k dear..
-i really want to see u hepi like those times b4 ok!
-u always have ur friends here..we are 4sekawan okeh!haha..

hugs n kisses..
WANI..(sori melalut panjang.ihik)

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

please please please.. kamu jangan nakal. ku pergi sebentar.. bukan untuk curang~~
haha.. kan dah ternyanyi nih..
eh roger la babe kalo ade problem.
kite serupe je la weh..
jgn down sangat keh..
u go girl!!

dafFodiLs (",) said...

wani & oshinz: orait babe, teringin mau spent time ngn kamu2 lagi,dunno when..kadang2 sgt terasa down,kamu2 lagi la tiada di sisi cam sllu..mish u babe!