Wednesday, March 11, 2009

.: oNe tHouSaNd miLlioN sMilEs :.

eRm tHis is aN oLdiEs sOng
lOng tIme i diDn'T hEaR it
buT suddEnlY tEriNgaT tHen Ini La haSilNya
seTelaH miSs dAff meNyeLongKar uTubE
sO daPatlaH viDeo nI
thIs soNg iS sAnG by
"dAtUk sIti nUrHaliZa"
sO leT's laYaN toGeThEr2 vIdeO nIe
~ oNe tHouSaNd miLliOn sMilEs ~

There's a gift I'd like to give you
That can't be bought or sold
A ray of sunshine across the waters
That comes straight from the soul

Let us join our hands together
To bind the colours of our skin
A rainbow under GOD's Great heaven
A sign that love will always win

One thousand million smiles
I bring toy across the miles
In my land of sunshine
Or in your land of snow
Makes no difference where you are
If you let your feeling show

One thousand million ways
To love each other every day
For the poet and the old man
For the mother and the child

These One thousand million smiles
If the world is full of sorrow
Then what's the meaning of life
If war's the master of the house
And hunger is his wife ooo...

But a shining bridge of lovin' smiles
And tender helping hands
Will bind all men on earth together
And will forever stand

So here! Stand with heart in hand
I bring this gift from my homeland
So take these smiles and sweets hellos
Keep then in your heart where ever you may go

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