Monday, March 23, 2009

.: yUnA vS aIsyAh aF7 :.

Hye all,there's no specific purpose for this n3 anyway

juz want to share a song that sang by "yUnA"

entiTled "dAn SebeNarnYa"

plus with another version comes from a reality tV proGram show

contestant aF7 which is "aIsyAh"

++ yUnA vErsIOn ++

bUt duN gEt mE wRong heRe

i'Ve poStiNg thIs 2 viDeo nOt for compaRing it

juSt I like the wAy of tHeSe 2 singEr saNg this sOng

acCordIng theIr oWn stYle..

theSe 2 is quIte beSt actUally, so taKe uR owN tiMe to heAr

thIs sOnGs

++ aIsYaH vErsIoN ++

p/s: i liKe bOth vErsIon =)

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