Monday, March 9, 2009

++ sAyE di tAg ++

adUyai miSs daFf telaH di tag oleh miSs dyAn
sO this n3 is pUrposeLy post to aNsweR daT taG

1. Do you think you're hot ?
*hot ke?tah la heheh

2. Upload a favorite picca of you.

3.Why do you like that picca ?
*tah,sBb cu+e kOt haha

4. When was the last time you ate pizza ?
*I can’t remember,da lame rasanya xmkn pizza

5. The last song you listen to ?
*Secondhand serenade – fall for you

6. What are doing now besides this ?
*sMs’ing wiF suMone

7. What name would you prefer than this ?

Tag tag : wAni, kOko coKelaT, aJa, pEanuT & moNalL

8. Who's num one ?
*my bEsh fReN laA

9. Num 3 is having a relationship with ?
*wiF heR bF, mR T heheh

10. Say something about num 5 ?
*she's cool, kaMceng ngN no 4 ;)

11. How about num 4 ?
*sumOne yaNg happening, gilEr2 oraNgnyE

12. Who's num 2 ?
*she's talkative, liKe to be frEn wiF heR

2 orang bagi komen beliau:

0sh!Nz 0n da bL0ck said...

nape sume org letak oshinz kat no 3 ni?
tak aci btul..
oshinz da ade award n tag ni la dear oit..
tapi takpe..
i kutip gakla yerk..
tq very2 much!!

dafFodiLs (",) said...

yes bagus2,anda harus mengutipnya ye!!